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Jan. 8, 2022, 11:37 a.m. | Folarin Martins

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Create new user

sudo adduser newuser

NOTE: Creating a new user also creates a group by the same name known as the primary group

Change user password

sudo passwd newuser

Grant user admin privileges


with unlimited root access

newuser ALL=(ALL) all

with restricted access

Cmnd_Alias ADMIN1PRIVILEDGES = /usr/bin/adduser, /usr/bin/usermod, /usr/bin/addgroup


Change user home directory

usermod --home /home/newuser newuser

Change user shell

usermod --shell /bin/sh

Add descriptive comment to user

usermod --comment "Here is a new demo user" newuser

Add an account expiry date

usermod --expiredate 2022-12-31 …

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